Chat Applications

The chat application does make it easy for everyone to communicate with each other between family, friends or lovers. Developed by one of the biggest mobile app developers, chat apps are a staple of our society. Texting via chat application is not only more practical but it is also free. Some of the best social media messenger chat applications are WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE, Skype, Facebook Messenger and BlackBerry Messenger (which is the OG in texting world). 

Texting can bring couples closer together and it has been proven by a research. Communicating through a chat application can impact the relationships between couples but what brings the couples together? Research has found that one of the things that make the relationship great is having a partner who has a similar texting style to them. It does not matter whether the texts sent were loving, complaints or just a random text, what makes someone feels satisfied with the relationship is when they are in sync with each other via texting. However, there may be a downside to these more recent forms of communication too, which can lead couples to quarrel a lot that can lead them to isolation and alienation from their partners and other people. In addition, texting can drive people apart, for example, people sometimes text to avoid dealing with the relatives especially the annoying aunts at the family party or to break up with someone which eventually it can become a barrier to creating meaningful interactions.

Besides texting, chat applications also offer a feature where people can make a video call with each other. Some of the most prominent chat applications that offer this feature are WhatsApp, Skype and Snapchat. Nowadays, you can even make a group chat and video call where you can add your friends to the group and get connected with multiple people at once. If you are bored or you want to escape yourself from any situation, just make a video call and talk to your friends all day long.