Web Hosting 101: Moving to Another Hosting Provider

1.Free Web Host Migration Services

Whether you are a seasoned online business owner or newbie blogger, this is the best choice for you. Many people choose this because it is fastest, easiest way to get the work done. More and more website hosts are doing the heavy lifting for their customers. Leverage on it–they will take care of everything. By doing so, you can save lots of time, and do other website tasks.

2.Transferring Your Website Manually

a.Buy a new website host.

You don’t really need a website hosting provider in place before you implement host migration. There are a lot of website hosting companies in Malaysia with different configurations. All you need to do is compare and evaluate which package is best suitable for you. Your decision must depend on different components, from the required space and host to server configuration.

b.Move databases, files and email accounts.

Even if you are a beginner, you can easily move static web pages to a new website host. Just download all of your files from the old one, and then upload all of them. Do it according to the old file structure and folder to the new provider. However, moving a dynamic website with a database can take quite a lot of hard work.

3.Troubleshoot and then check all the details.

After loading all files in the new website hosting configuration, don’t forget to double check the details. All of them must work properly.

How will you know if it’s time to change your website host?

Switching to a new website hosting provider can be overwhelming and stressful. This is the reason why several business owners prefer not to change unless it’s very necessary. After all, why would you waste your energy and time when everything is working out well?

So, is it time to move to a new website host? Below are some hints:

  • You need more functionality, space or other new resources
  • You are paying a lot
  • Your website has been hacked, more than once
  • You have heard about a better web hosting service elsewhere
  • Your website is constantly going down
  • Your web pages are too slow
  • Customer service is not really reliable and helpful

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