Why Simple Website Design is the Best Website Design

A simple web design is, so far, one of the best strategies you can use. It has been backed by various focus groups and studies. By simplifying your web design, you can reach a bigger set of people. Web design is all about communicating, and as much as possible, incorporating very few elements. This elusive combination is why top website developer are always in demand. Below are 5 reasons why using a simple layout is a good strategy.


  • Simple web design is proven to be efficient and effective.


There is a reason why big brands choose to use basic logos. Simple creative designs are better and more loved by people. Have you tried using sans serif fonts? This may be a simple typeface, but it it’s a lot easier to read for most individuals.


  • Simple web designs get more conversions.


Studies have proven that a simple layout can lead to more and more conversion compared to convoluted web pages. Several ecommerce stores even report huge sales increases after shifting to minimalist designs. With a simple design, visitors can easily buy products, and look for crucial details without getting confused.


  • Simple web designs appeal to better to users’ expectations.


Many ecommerce websites have similar designs because this is the “formula layout” for better conversion rates. Don’t stray very far from these expected layouts. When your pages are easy to navigate and familiar, then it can speed up the process of turning a visitor to a customer. s


  • Simple web designs appear trustworthy and professional.


A simple, clean website can help you grow your business. It fosters trust, and can encourage users to return to your website at a much later date. Do you know that many internet users are reporting that a website’s visual appearance influences their trust?

How can you achieve captivating, yet simple website styles? Make good use of white spaces. Efficient use of white spaces help people focus on the most important parts of your website, streamlining the process of conversion.


  • Simple web designs are easy to adapt.


The more complicated your web pages are, the more chances for mistakes. Always keep your codes clean and simple. This can save you, and your website developer from many hours of maintenance work.

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